In El Porvenir

The sea lies peacefully out front. It sits there calmly, wave after wave rolling gently over a vast expanse of tropical, light blue – or at times grey water. This itself populated by an outstanding abundance of creatures from the Barracuda to the Pelicans. Local fisherman every once and a … Read More      

A Crisis Of Masculinity

“Sí vos no pisas majé, sos marica! Así pensamos nosotros”. That’s how a friend once put it to me, here in Honduras. The translation is simple and indeed somewhat vulgar. “If you don’t f*** man, you’re a faggot. That’s how we think”. I’m British, I’ve lived in Honduras for over … Read More      

Tela, Caribbean Delight.

Tela sits, quite calmly, within a wide bay on the north coast of Honduras. Indeed a ‘troubled’ nation – yes, to offer more accuracy however it is one of extraordinary beauty. This ‘beauty’ can be seen in its mountains or it’s beaches yet in particular it’s people. The Honduran welcomes … Read More