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Honduras – Utila Resorts

Utila is the second most populated island in the Bay Islands. The majority of the 12 Scuba Dive Shops cater to the international backpackers who flock to the small island in search of inexpensive scuba lessons and certifications. There are, however, several all inclusive scuba diving resorts to … Read More    

Omoa Honduras

Omoa ranks up there with Honduras top destinations for colonial history. White sand beaches and calm waters that carry gentle breezes provide a great view of dolphins who love the harbor. Known as the home of the San Fernando Fort, built by the Spanish in the late 1700′s. Construction of … Read More    

Holidays in Honduras

What qualifies as a holiday in Honduras can actually be a bit confusing. In addition to the country-wide official legal holidays, each town or city in Honduras may have a holiday particular to that area, such as a special day for a founding public or religious figure. One example would … Read More    

Honduran Warrior Lempira

The Lenca chief, Lempira, a warrior of great renown, managed to unify more than two hundred Indian tribes that had been ancient rivals in order to offer an organized resistance against penetration by the Spanish conquerors. In the village of Etempica he announced his plans to expel the Spaniards and … Read More    

Consulados y Embajadas en Honduras

Cónsules Los derechos de los cónsules son proteger los intereses de los ciudadanos que viven temporal o permanentemente en el país extranjero donde trabaja el consulado. Consulados entregan pasaportes y visas, pero no es su obligación primaria. Un cónsul está allí para ayudar a las empresas a invertir en el … Read More    

Cambio Monetario en Honduras

Tipos de Cambio Monetario en Honduras Financiera de los tipos de cambio basado en las normas de las Naciones Unidas de Hacienda Los tipos de cambio parecen variar con frecuencia en estos días, y es difícil saber lo que su dinero vale. Utilice una calculadora de cambio para ver cómo … Read More