Alejo Lara

Nació en Tegucigalpa el 11 de enero de 1932. Es hijo de Alfredo Lara Lardizábal y Aída López Callejas de Lara. A su madre le gustaba pintar objetos del hogar con tonos fuertes, y un tio suyo pintaba retratos de excelente factura. Comenzó sus estudios elementales en el kinder Federico … Read More    

Alvaro Canales

Nació en la ciudad de San Pedro Sula, departamento de Cortés, el 5 de octubre de 1919 y murió en México el 16 de octubre de 1983. Durante el período de escolaridad dio muestras de excelentes aptitudes para el dibujo. A causa de ello, sus padres lenombraron un profesor particular … Read More    

Score 1 for the Honduras Police

After some diligent old fashioned detective work the Honduras Police captured 72 members of the Mara Salvatrucha. One of the most feared gangs operating within the Country of Honduras. During a shootout, which occurred outside Tegucigalpa on Saturday night, a security guard died and his partner was wounded; a member … Read More    

Puerto Cortes Honduras

As the main seaport for the country of Honduras, Puerto Cortes is easily accessible; the port is located just 48 hours from Miami by ship. In a protected deep water bay, Puerto Cortes services the Atlantic Ocean, where a great deal of traffic transpires between the Honduran and Central American … Read More    

An Unscripted Quest to Honduras

The Humanitarian Culture of PerSys Medical: An Unscripted Quest to Honduras PerSys Medical’s Josh Nowitz embarks on a personal humanitarian mission outfitting the island of Roatán, Honduras with cutting edge medical devices. Shipwrecks, ancient Mayan ruins, crystal clear waters, lush tropical habitats and exotic sea turtles are just a few … Read More    

Honduras – Utila Resorts

Utila is the second most populated island in the Bay Islands. The majority of the 12 Scuba Dive Shops cater to the international backpackers who flock to the small island in search of inexpensive scuba lessons and certifications. There are, however, several all inclusive scuba diving resorts to … Read More    

Omoa Honduras

Omoa ranks up there with Honduras top destinations for colonial history. White sand beaches and calm waters that carry gentle breezes provide a great view of dolphins who love the harbor. Known as the home of the San Fernando Fort, built by the Spanish in the late 1700′s. Construction of … Read More    

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